EU Human Rights Defenders Relocation Platform

Basque Government, Victims and Human Rights Directorate (Gobierno Vasco, Dirección de Víctimas y Derechos Humanos)



Address of organisation
Lehendakaritza, Calle Navarra 2, 01007, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba

Contact person
Ms. Mónica Hernando

Telephone number
+34 94516628

E-mail address
[email protected]

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Supports financially the Basque Programme for the Temporary Protection Program Defenders of Human Rights. This Programme is intended to temporarily host in Euskadi (Basque country) persons who work closely with grassroots organizations and that by their activity in defense of human rights are suffering risk or suffer persecution and threats. With the overall objective of contributing to strengthening protection tools and safety of human rights defenders, the program has three specific objectives: - Hosting the HRD in the Basque Country (6 months). - Organizes incidence campaigns targeted at institutional level and civil society organizations as a means of protection to the hosted HRD. It also works on awareness and reports on the conflict in the country of origin of the HRD. The programme needs an advocacy work to give an overall sense of the temporary protection of human rights defenders in order to facilitate a safe return by building international pressure and having raising awareness among citizenship and Basque institutions (including Spanish and European), of their demands in terms of human rights and denouncing the violation of the fundamental rights to which they are subject in their country. - Strengthen the social fabric of the country of origin through training of the HRD, based on the interests and concerns of those admitted in the Programme and their organizations and social movements in origin. A specialized training in issues related to the defense and promotion of human rights is foreseen, in coordination with academic institutions and specialized training centers.


Type of organisation

Activities of organisation
Accommodation, Funding relocation programmes, In-country monitoring/protection, Insurance, Psychological support, Selection, Social support (accompanying or looking after the person), Training courses (language, etc.)

Duration of relocation
3-6 months

Family members

Language of programme
Other, Spanish

Location of HRD (where HRD come from). Countries

Location of HRD (where HRD come from). Regions
Caribbean, Central Africa, Central America & Mexico, Central Asia, East Asia, East / Horn of Africa, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, North America, Oceania, South America, South Asia, South East Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa

Location of relocation programme. Countries

Location of relocation programme. Regions

Types of HRDs
Artists, Journalists, Lawyers, LGBT, Other, Scholars, Women, Writers